GEE-KB-200 NFC key tags

GEE-KB-200 NFC key tags

Epoxy+ PVC, 34 mm D, nxp nfc chips, 5 cm read distance, IEC14443 A& ISO18092 protocol,  anti-friction, waterproof, fashion and easy for use, extremely practical in NFC mobile phone apps.  

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GEE-KB-200 is one of high performance RFID cards, which worked at frequency of 13.56 mhz with NFC chip embedded. This type of NFC tags is widely used in NFC mobile phone apps as a shortcut of opening applications or changing settings.


Main features:

•   Mini size with customize printing

•   Easy for carrying or hanging through its reserved hole

•   Fashioned crystal epoxy surface, free of scratch, abrasion, water, dust .

•   High performance NXP NFC chips

•   Automatic NFC  tags manufacturing technology ensured high performance and environment durability of NFC tags

•   Heidelberg 4 color offset craft maximized color reproduction

•   ISO9001 Quality control system guarantee diamond like quality

•   Green material with ROHS and SGS certification



IEC 14443, ISO18092 , ISO9001:2008
Dia 35 mm
3 mm
PVC+ Epoxy, SGS approval
CMYK 4 color printing  
Barcode, QR code, key ring...
200 pcs/box, 10 box/ carton,  10 kg/ carton
NXP Mifare Ultralight/ Ultralightc/ Ntag203/ 1k s50/ 4k s70
Memory size
64 Byte - 4k Byte 
13.56 MHz
Read distance
Up to 100 mm
Data transfer rate
106k bits/s
•    E-ticket in subway, bus, event
•    Prepaid card in retails or community
•    Access control
•    E-passport in enterprise or government 
•    NFC Mobile Applications
-25 C to +120 C, 5~ 95% RH, no condensation
-5 C to + 45 C, 5~ 95% RH, no condensation

NFC smart poster, NFC payment, NFC apps, NFC one key share... more nfc functions, no matter open a website, navigation or get tickets, devices interaction, only by a simple touch, the whole digit world unfolds before our eyes. It is not merely an illusion but  real life experience.

NFC (Near field communication) is an wireless technology for interactive communication between different devices. Developed together by Philips, Nokia and Sony, and supported by Sumsung, Lenove, Mi, HTC ... NFC technology is now widely adopted by most of mobile phone manufactures, and begun to rock the world. 

Almost like the QR code,  but NFC goes in another way. It stores the information inside RFID chip while the QR code stores information through images. With advanced encryption algorism and chip technology, NFC provides 100 times security, easier operation and rewrite capability of over 10000 times compared to QR code.  

More Simple, faster

Only by a simple touch,  the digit information of the chips is shown on the screen of the mobile phone. The course only takes 1/10 second. Maybe we still miss the days of scanning the QR codes in a clumsy day, but the emerging of new technology always  beyond our imagination.  NFC lifestyle is really as simple as a touch.


Actually everyone can creates your own nfc world,  no matter share a website, contact information, or share your twitter, facebook. NFC technology always brings you fresh air in feeling the society. It is a new network, a new continent of media. 

Safe experience

Each nfc chips has its own global unique ID, which is its only certificate. Through this feature, safety platform could verify its validity and help user filter unsafe URLs to protect the user's privacy and property.

In media & ads, NFC tags we normally called them as SMART POSTER, not only they are on the poster, but also it indeed “ smart”, so what smart poster can really do?

•   Browse websites

•   Share videos

•   Download apps/ music

•   Get tickets or coupons

•   Get services

•   Email services


Ok, just take website for example, it can be extended into infinite usage, watching online video, listening to music fragment, online shopping….and as to plain text, you could get any information from it even if you are in zero signal zone, for example geographic information or tourist guidance.

So you may kind of acknowledge the smart poster’s serviceable range, what is more, it could be rewritten for more than 10,000 times without any degradation of performance, and the rewrite device simply is only by your NFC mobile phone. You could create your NFC world.

In transportation and ticketing feild, the traditional payment is by a simple paper ticket that bears some of security features, like florescent ink, security line, latent image, barcode, infra-red ink. Through it can be prevent most of the fake tickets, however hard work load, low identification rate, and relevant unsafe features enforce institutions had to recruit abundant workforce to maintain normally operation, and now everything was changed as RFID technology deeply implanted into this sector.

At most of bus station or subway station, you will not no longer find any paper tickets any more, which replaced them was a simple recharge card or NFC mobile phones. And in recent years, the pace of changing speeds up dramatically.

Thanks to the RFID technology, you do need to wait in line for ticket checking, all just by a simple touch, and you are allowed to get through, and payment will automatically deducted by the RFID readers.

The benefits are not only in its convenience, but also its security. Each RFID card will have a unique ID, which is permanently stored in its ROM, and can not be rewritten. Meanwhile the communication between the RFID card and RFID readers is encrypted. Let’s take oyster card( London metro card) for example, this type of card is embedded with NXP Mifare Desfire chip, which the chip is integrated with the 3DES encryption technology, and still now there is zero case of password being cracked.

This RFID technology also have been applied into certain of big event, such as Olympics, World Expo…

In the future, we will see more and more case of this advanced RFID technology being applied in our normal life, and therefore change our life for ever. 

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