• NFC Tags >

    NFC Tags

    NFC tags are a type of electronic tiny device that used in identification, access control, media and nfc mobile phone applications.

  • NFC Cards >

    NFC Cards

    NFC Card is a type of smart card that worked in 13.56 mhz, with NXP mifare chips embedded, it is widely used in metro, bus card or citizens card or medical card.

  • NFC Key fobs >

    NFC Key fobs

    NFC key fobs is a typical type of NFC tags, it preserve a hole for hanging and has a epoxy surface to protect it from water and friction, meanwhile outstanding appearance and customized printing also make people love to choose this type NFC tags.

  • NFC Reader writer >

    NFC Reader writer

    NFC reader is a specialized equipment for reading and writing NFC devices, such as NFC card, NFC tags, NFC mobile phones. Due to more frequently RFID usage, NFC reader writers will play much more important roles in normal life, such as nfc payment, nfc access control..

  • NFC Wristband >

    NFC Wristband

    NFC wristbands is a special type of nfc products that is designed for wrist wearing. It combines nfc's advantages with human engineering. Its creative profile makes it distinctly good when using it in easy-to-use environments, such as hospital, theme park, event and sports.

  • RFID inlay >

    RFID inlay

    NFC inlays strictly is regarded as a type of half-finished nfc tags, but it is also taken as fully functioned nfc tags due to complete RFID functions as the nfc tags do, except without paper overlay. Therefore it can not be printed as normal nfc tags do, which make it widely used in NFC tags post process, like embedded them into toys, medicine or other medias.

  • RFID Software >

    RFID Software

    RFID software is an irreplaceable part of RFID systems, it provide a window to the world, allowing user smart managing of various lots of data and information. It serves in different industrial fields, providing scientific data report and improving business efficiency. An easy-to-use RFID software is what GEE NFC Limited have been pursuing, and is also what we like to share with you.

  • Smart Device >

    Smart Device

    RFID smart devices are all-in-one devices that combines RFID reader inside to achieve different application. Typical application: Library, laundry, retails, supply chains for identification, inventory, tracking purpose.

  • RFID Security Gate >

    RFID Security Gate

    RFID security gates are used for access control, which integrated with RFID and infrared motion detection technology. It is widely used in metro, conference center, library or other access control locations.

  • Library RFID Tags >

    Library RFID Tags

    Library RFID tags are the type of RFID tags for library purpose only, each books or CDs/ DVDs bear a RFID tags for easy tracking, managing, borrowing and returning, which greatly shorten the workload of library stuffs as well as benefit readers faster check-in and check-out. RFID library ( digit library) will be more frequently replace the traditional libraries with such a unique tiny RFID labels.

  • UHF Tags >

    UHF Tags

    UHF tags are working at frequency range of 860~ 960 Mhz, with read distance up to 15 meters. Due to its low cost and distinctive RFID features ( typical 10 meter read distance and up to 1200 tags/second data transmission speed), it is wildly used in airport, express, access control, event and other identification occasions.

  • UHF Cards >

    UHF Cards

    UHF cards, working at frequency range of 860~ 960 Mhz with read distance of over 10 meter, are widely used in parking, logistics, access control, passport and other fields. Due to its far read distance, fast data transmission speed and relative safe encryption features, it is distinctive useful for the automobile parking and charging system. Typically a standard ISO UHF card can be readable at the speed of 45 kmh, which means the drivers even don't need to stop the car and finished the identification process.

  • UHF Wristband >

    UHF Wristband

    UHF wristbands, working at frequency range of 860~ 960 Mhz, is a typical RFID device that combines both easy-to-identification and easy-to-use features. The long read distance( up to 10 meter), fast data transmission speed, and anti-collision features make UHF wristband much powerful in medical institution, events, sports, concerts and other crowded occasions.

  • UHF Reader writer >

    UHF Reader writer

    UHF reader writer is a type of ultra-high frequency device that working at 860~ 960 Mhz, specialized in identifying uhf tags and transmitting data to the servers. They can be classified into different catalogues by using environment. Fixed UHF reader writer is specialized for fixed operating circumstance, such as entry of warehouse, entry of baby care room of hospital... while mobile UHF reader is more frequently used in mobile situation, for instance, libraries manage, warehouse inventory check...

  • UHF Antenna >

    UHF Antenna

    UHF antenna is a RFID device for recieving and sending RFID signals. Worked at worldwide RFID frequency band, it play a role of magnifying RF signals, therefore it is widely used in occasions that require long distance indentifying and high motion speed tracking. By using proper UHF antenna, not only the read distance could be increased, but only the correct identification rate will rise.

  • On metal RFID Tag >

    On metal RFID Tag

    On metal RFID tags are a series of RFID tags that design for working on metal surface. Because there will be severe degradation of original signal when passive tags attached onto the metal surface, special treatments are taken upon this on metal RFID tags. Each tags contain a special ferrite layer to absorb the reflection signal, meanwhile will have a plastic base/ enclosure to avoid direct contact metal surface.

  • Animal Tag >

    Animal Tag

    Animal rfid tags are a type of RFID tags for animal identification and management. Each tag has its own ID, therefore give an name to each animal. Through RFID animal management system, it could be easily track and scientific manage each animals status, to allow them better undergoing their meaningful life. To meet the green and safety regulation, each tag is made of food grade PSU material, and all has been through strictly disinfection and packing.

  • More Recommend >

    More Recommend

    More recommend RFID products. Deversified traceable RFID products and RFID solutions. Widely used in machinery, medical, logistic, stockbreeding and other industries.

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