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How to choose a UHF RFID reader?


 1: Application 

a)  Desktop UHF reader writer: for card issuing purpose 
b)  Wall mounted/ cell mounted UHF reader writer: for identificaton in fixed location 
c)  Handheld UHF reader writer: for mobile identification
2: UHF Reader paramters
a) Frequency band: different country has different legal UHF frequency band, EU: 865- 868 MHz, US: 902- 928 Mhz
b) Read distance: Middle range/ Long range
c) Identification rate
d) Discrete or all-in-one UHF reader
3: Software and SDK
a) Demo software: for simply use or develope purpose
b) SDK and API: for seconndary developement
4: Environment
a) Metal / water environment will severely decrease the distance
b) Try to set antenna array ( horizontal/ vertical) to extend the read distance
c)Consider high gain antenna or linear polorized antenna

How can I encode an NFC tag?


Step 1: Get an NFC Reader

a) All NFC Mobile Devices (Phones, Tablets), apple Iphone6 series is an expection

b)  Windows OS  based NFC reader writer


Step 2: Determine which NFC Chip to Use

a) There are many NFC chip  options with different memory size and encryption algorithm, so basically it depend on real application.

b) Ultralight( 42 byter), UltralightC ( 142 byte ), Ntag213 (142 byte ), Ntag216 (888 byte), Topza512 (480 byte)


Step 3: Choose an NFC Product

a) NFC inlay, which is raw NFC products good for development or to put on the back of a poster.

b) Wearable or Portable NFC Tags -a NFC key chain or NFC wristband 

c) NFC Tags/ card - Can be printed

d) On Metal NFC Tags - when your tag will be on a metal service or electronics

e) Device NFC tags- for other devices use NFC function, such as Mobile phone, stereo


Step 4: Customize the NFC Product

a) Printing service 

b) Encode serice


Step 5: NFC Software

a)For mobile phone/ tablet: NFC Taginfo, NFC Tagwriter, Task Launcher..

b) For Desktop windows:  Gototags windows 


Step 6: Encode the NFC Tags

a) URLs, Text, Contact info..

b) Shortcut of mobile apps



What's the difference between passive and active tags?


Active RFID tags have a transmitter and their own power source (typically a battery). The power source is used to run the microchip's circuitry and to broadcast a signal to a reader (the way a cell phone transmits signals to a base station). Passive tags have no battery. Instead, they draw power from the reader, which sends out electromagnetic waves that induce a current in the tag's antenna. Semi-passive tags use a battery to run the chip's circuitry, but communicate by drawing power from the reader. Active and semi-passive tags are useful for tracking high-value goods that need to be scanned over long ranges, such as railway cars on a track, but they cost more than passive tags, which means they can't be used on low-cost items.

How much information can an RFID tag store?


It depends on the vendor, the application and type of tag, but typically a tag carries no more than 2 kilobytes (KB) of data—enough to store some basic information about the item it is on. Simple "license plate" tags contain only a 96-bit or 128-bit serial number. The simple tags are cheaper to manufacture and are more useful for applications where the tag will be disposed of with the product packaging. The aerospace industry wants to store parts histories on high memory tag, which has led to the introduction of passive UHF tags that store 4KB or 8KB of data.

What if we find the goods not right?


GEENFC gurantee all the products exactly comply with all the strict factory quality criterions ( We are ISO9001 factory) before shipment. If found any damages of goods or unfunctional products, please keep the evidence ( Photos, video, bills...) and inform our service team to solve them.



Does geenfc has warranty time?


Yes, GEENFC gurantee all the products is 100% quality assured before shipment,  and all the products have their warranty times, the periods vary as models.

For tags/ cards/ keyfobs/ wristbands

1 years warranty time

For readers/ antenna/ rfid gates/ others

2 years warranty time

If any unfunctional or damaged products, please keep the records/ evidence( bill/ photos/ video) and inform our service team to solve it.

Service email:

Do you provide backups for an order?


Yes, additional 0.5% of  total amount  tags/ cards will be backups for your replacement. But we only provide such service for  single order quantity over 1,000 pcs.

Does geenfc ship international?


Yes! We face to worldwide customers, and according to order size will suggest the best way of shipment.  Meanwhile a PI will be sent you for confirmation of all details, including Items you purchased, amount value, shipping terms, delivery time, etc.

In what method does geenfc ship the goods?


Large quantity: By sea, air, parcel, express ( DHL/ UPS/ FEDEX)

Small quantity: China post air mail / Hongkong post air mail

By Sea:

From: Shenzhen Port, China

To: Worldwide

Transportation time: As per volyage schedule, to west Euro: 17~ 21 days, to West coast of  North American: 12~ 20 days

By Air

From: Shenzhen Bao'an Airport , or Hongkong International Airport

To : worldwide

Transportation time: normally 1~ 3 days

By Express ( DHL, UPS, FEDEX..)

From: Shenzhen, china

To: Worldwide

Transportation time: 3~ 7 days

By Post parcel

From: Shenzhen, china

To: Worldwide

Transportation time: 15~ 27 days, to West Euro/ USA 12~ 17 days, to Latine America: 22~27 days

How can I make a payment?


You have multiple ways to select

Large quantity:  T/T ( Bank transfer), L/C ( letter of credit), Paypal/ Escow ( normally for invoice value not exceed to US $1000),

Small quantity: Paypal /Escow/ Western Union

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