NFC Wristband

NFC Wristband

NFC Wristband

NFC wristbands is a special type of nfc products that is designed for wrist wearing. It combines nfc's advantages with human engineering. Its creative profile makes it distinctly good when using it in easy-to-use environments, such as hospital, theme park, event and sports.

  • Reusable NFC wristbands >

    Reusable NFC wristbands

    Reusable NFC wristbands are a type of durable RFID wristbands with long service life. It worked at 13.56 Mhz with NFC chip embedded, comply with IEC14443A protocol.

  • One-off NFC wristbands >

    One-off NFC wristbands

    One- off NFC wristband is a type of RFID wristbands for one time use. It is light and easy to wear, with read distance of 5 cm, comply with IEC14443A protocol.

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