Injectable RFID tag

  • GEE-AT-600 rfid syringe suit

    GEE-AT-600 rfid syringe suit

    syrine: 111 mm x 50 mm, bio-glass tube: Φ2.12x 12 mm/ Φ1.4x 8mm, 134.2 khz 15 digit FDX-B microchip,  ISO11784/ 11785  

  • GEE-AT-700 rfid glass tube tag

    GEE-AT-700 rfid glass tube tag

    Bio-glass,Φ1.4* 8 mm,  2.12 *12 mm, 3 * 15 mm, 134.2 khz RFID chip,  ISO11784/ 11785, FDX-B  protocol

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