UHF Cards

UHF Cards

UHF Cards

UHF cards, working at frequency range of 860~ 960 Mhz with read distance of over 10 meter, are widely used in parking, logistics, access control, passport and other fields. Due to its far read distance, fast data transmission speed and relative safe encryption features, it is distinctive useful for the automobile parking and charging system. Typically a standard ISO UHF card can be readable at the speed of 45 kmh, which means the drivers even don't need to stop the car and finished the identification process.

  • UHF Smart Card >

    UHF Smart Card

    UHF card is a type of card worked at 860~960 Mhz, with read distance of up to 10 meters, 85.5 x 54 mm, ISO18000-6c & EPC Gen2 compliance

  • Laundry RFID tag >

    Laundry RFID tag

    Laundry RFID tag is a type of RFID tag for laundry industry. By using RF technology, thest tags can be identified wirelessly at distance up to 5 meter.

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