On metal RFID Tag

On metal RFID Tag

On metal RFID Tag

On metal RFID tags are a series of RFID tags that design for working on metal surface. Because there will be severe degradation of original signal when passive tags attached onto the metal surface, special treatments are taken upon this on metal RFID tags. Each tags contain a special ferrite layer to absorb the reflection signal, meanwhile will have a plastic base/ enclosure to avoid direct contact metal surface.

  • UHF Metal tag >

    UHF Metal tag

    On metal UHF tag is a kind of RFID tag that could directly mounted on metal surface without sacrifing RF performance, ISO18000-6C & EPC G2 protocol.

  • Ceramic UHF metal tag >

    Ceramic UHF metal tag

    With the industry’s best size to performance ratio, these passive on metal RFID tags are ideal for tool, medical, and small equipment tracking

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