Smart Device

Smart Device

Smart Device

RFID smart devices are all-in-one devices that combines RFID reader inside to achieve different application. Typical application: Library, laundry, retails, supply chains for identification, inventory, tracking purpose.

  • RFID Smart Cabinet >

    RFID Smart Cabinet

    RFID smart cabinet is a device that combines RFID technology, which is used in medical institution, retails, libraries for asset management and tracking purpose.

  • RFID Library Device >

    RFID Library Device

    RFID Library devices are a series of smart devices for library management, which can increase booking cycling and reduce manual work.

  • RFID Tunnel >

    RFID Tunnel

    RFID tunnel is a device that integrated rfid reader inside its chamber, which is frequently used for dense tags identification in clothing factory, logistics.

  • RFID Retail Device >

    RFID Retail Device

    RFID retails devices are normally used for retail checkout purpose, it can identify multiple rfid tags in 1 second. Typical application: textile retail shop, self-service retails.

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