NFC Reader writer

NFC Reader writer

NFC Reader writer

NFC reader is a specialized equipment for reading and writing NFC devices, such as NFC card, NFC tags, NFC mobile phones. Due to more frequently RFID usage, NFC reader writers will play much more important roles in normal life, such as nfc payment, nfc access control..

  • Fixed NFC reader writer >

    Fixed NFC reader writer

    Fixed NFC reader writer is a series of rfid devices for stationary use. It works at 13.56 Mhz with 5 cm read distance, comply with IEC14443 A protocol.

  • Handheld RFID reader >

    Handheld RFID reader

    Handheld rfid reader is a type of device for mobile identification and transaction. It is easy for carry and use, and is widely used in retails, logistics, ect.

  • USB token NFC reader >

    USB token NFC reader

    USB token nfc reader writer is a mini type of rfid reader writer for portable use. Typical application: card issue, encryption and payment.

  • LF RFID Reader >

    LF RFID Reader

    LF rfid reader writer is a type of proximate reader writer that worked at frequency of 125 khz, support EM, T5577 chips operation.Typical application: Access control, payment.

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