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Dear Users,

GEE NFC LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as “GEENFC”) is a company that insists client-centralization. GEENFC highly values your personal data and privacy. Please do not submit or provide any personal or privacy data to GEENFC before you comprehensively read, understand and agree to this privacy policy.
By this privacy policy, GEENFC wishes to you understand:

1 How GEENFC uses your personal data;
2 To whom shall GEENFC disclose your personal data;
3 How to update, change or check your personal data;
4 How GEENFC protects your personal data;
5 How GEENFC treats personal data from children;
6 3rd party services providers
7 Data transfer
8 Update of this policy
9 Contact GEENFC
Please note this privacy policy applies for all products of GEE NFC LIMITED, including without limitation, NFC Tag, NFC Reader, UHF tag, RFID label, RFID reader, RFID security gate, RFID solution, software, along with corresponding websites, products and services.
1 How GEENFC uses your personal data?
1.1 How GEENFC collects your data, and when?
GEENFC may collect, use or store your data when you purchase, use GEENFC products or services, such as:
Creating account, purchase, register products or services
Provided that you submit requests online to create account, purchase, register our products or services, including performance of your purchase order, delivery of your products or services, product activation or verification, change upon your request, providing technical support or authorized update, etc, we may ask you to submit data that necessary to finish such request, such as your email address, consignee address, phone number, product information, time of purchase, way of payment, etc, this is to enable us to finish your purchase, download products and obtain services.
Taking part in promotions or market survey
We may require you to submit necessary information to contact you, provide you with information of products and services that may interest you, after obtained your approval to invite you to take part in our promotions and market survey, such as your contact information, mobile phone number, email address, etc. You shall require GEENFC not to use your personal information for purposes of promotion or market survey, if you wish to do this, please contact us by sending email to support@geenfc.com
GEENFC may collect system and application information from your terminal devices, this is to timely inform you about helpful system or application update notice. Such information collected including name of the device, version of the system and applications, versions of the operating system and internet browsers, setting of region and language, device identification numbers (IMEI, ESN, MEID, SN), identification number of your carrier network, etc. GEENFC processes such information for purposes only of notifying you about system or application update, and such information will not connect with your personal information.
GEENFC may collect certain information to statistics and analysis, such information may include the name of your device, the version of the device, device identification numbers (IMEI, ESN, MEID, SN), the fuzzy geo-location information of your device (such as the ID of the area where your device is in), the IP address you use to visit internet, please note that GEENFC shall not connect such information with your personal information, or use it to identify your person. GEENFC collects and processes such information for purposes only of providing you the best personalized user experiences, providing with customized contents, improving our products, analyzing the efficiency of our business operation, analyzing commercial figures such as market share, improving security of the network and service, and activating your after sale warranty services.
Trouble Shooting
When use of your device or application failed or encountered abnormal performances, and you choose to send relevant information to GEENFC so that GEENFC and GEENFC’s partners can provide you with fault locating diagnosis service, during which GEENFC will collect relevant information, including model of the device, name and version of the application, device identification number, error logs, etc.
2 To whom shall GEENFC disclose your personal data?
GEENFC shall disclose your personal data solely under the following situations, GEENFC will not sell to 3rd parties or disclose your personal information in other ways except for the following:
(i) You have explicitly agreed to disclose:
After obtained your approval, GEENFC may share your personal information with other companies;
(ii) Disclose your personal information to other GEENFC subsidiaries or authorized cooperating 3rd parties:
GEENFC may need to provide you certain services through some cooperating parties, thus GEENFC shall share some of your personal information with cooperating parties to enrich our services and fulfill your requirements, such as, when you decided to purchase GEENFC products online, GEENFC will need to submit your personal information to relevant logistic service providers so as to allow them to deliver the products to you, or allow our cooperating parties to provide you with other customer services. GEENFC strictly forbid GEENFC subsidiaries or authorized 3rd parties to use shared personal information for purposes otherwise.
(iii) Disclose your personal information under legal requirements:
GEENFC may disclose your personal information under circumstances that required by law, legal proceedings, litigation or public, governmental authorities. Your personal information may also be disclosed to transaction parties under circumstances that GEENFC is involved in reform, merger or insolvency liquidation.
3 How to update, change or check your personal data?
You shall be responsible for the accuracy of your personal information submitted by you, GEENFC uses commercial best endeavor to keep the accuracy of your personal information, and GEENFC will delete or amend the information under your request. You can contact us by the following ways. Under the terms and conditions of GEENFC, you can from time to time manage your personal information, such as your personal account registration information.
4 How GEENFC protects your personal data?
GEENFC uses reasonable precaution measures, including without limitation, physically, technically and structurally, as so to protect your personal information from unauthorized visit, disclose, abuse, change, damage or loss. For instance, technically, GEENFC uses anti-viruses software, encryption, monitor on our system and attack protection of our data centre; physically, set visit control measures, allow only people who need such information for business to visit; structurally, make sure employees understand the importance of protecting personal data by training to GEENFC employees about security and privacy protection awareness.
5 How GEENFC treats personal data from children
You shall reach the age of adult provided by your local civil law, and shall have the capability for independent civil conducts, and shall subject to other legally required conditions. GEENFC will not collect personal information of non-adult in purpose. If you have not yet reach the age of adult in your country, or you have no or full capability for independent civil conducts, please do not provide GEENFC with any personal information, including your name, address or telephone numbers. If GEENFC is aware of holding any of the personal information of non-adult, GEENFC will delete them all in the first place.
6 3rd party services providers
To convenient your visit and enrich your experiences, there may be contents or internet hyperlinks which are not from GEENFC but 3rd parties. You can choose to visit such hyperlinks or contents, or use services or products of said 3rd parties, but they are not controlled by GEENFC. GEENFC does not control any privacy and data protection measures of 3rd parties, such measures will not be governed by this policy either, this policy does apply to any information that you choose to provide to 3rd parties by yourself, please check those privacy protection policies of 3rd parties.
7 Update of this policy
GEENFC may from time to time amend, update this privacy policy, GEENFC shall provide outstanding notices, to notify you by channels and ways as applicable as possible about the change, please check on our website for the recent updated version of this policy.
8 Contact GEENFC
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you can contact us by sending emails to support@geenfc.com

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