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GEE-UR-A100 Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader SDK.zip2019-08-11
37 MB
GEE-UR-1400 UHF RFID Reader Writer SDK.zip2019-06-07
21 MB
GEE-UR-3800 8 port uhf rfid reader sdk.rar2018-01-29
6.39 MB
GEE-UR-1200 9 dbi UHF RFID reader SDK.rar2017-08-18
2.7 MB
GEE-NR-007 NFC reader writer SDK.zip2017-04-03
56 MB
Swing-U App for IOS.zip2017-03-06
200 KB
GEE-UR-8000 handheld uhf rfid reader SDK.rar2017-03-06
59.5 MB
GEE-UR-103 UHF RFID gate SDK.rar2016-10-19
1.8 MB
NXP tagwriter-V4.39.apk2016-03-27
4.2 MB
Mifare tool for ACR122U.rar2015-12-10
3.65 MB

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