Library RFID Tags

Library RFID Tags

Library RFID Tags

Library RFID tags are the type of RFID tags for library purpose only, each books or CDs/ DVDs bear a RFID tags for easy tracking, managing, borrowing and returning, which greatly shorten the workload of library stuffs as well as benefit readers faster check-in and check-out. RFID library ( digit library) will be more frequently replace the traditional libraries with such a unique tiny RFID labels.

  • RFID Book Tag >

    RFID Book Tag

    RFID book tags is a type of paper tags integrates RFID technology, with middle or long read distance, ISO15693 & ISO18000-6c protocol compliance

  • RFID Disc Tag >

    RFID Disc Tag

    RFID disc tags is a type of rfid tags for CDs/DVDs identification and tracking. It can greatly protect publisher's intellectual property by its digit encryption technology.

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