GEE-WB-010 Fabric rfid wristband

GEE-WB-010 Fabric rfid wristband

Fabric ribbon+ PVC tag, 15 mm x 350 mm, 125 khz/ 13.56 Mhz, EM4100/ EM4305/ Mifare 1k/ UL/ Ntag213 chips, 5 cm read distance, thermal transfer/ CMYK printing, IEC14443 A& ISO18092 protocol. 

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GEE-WB-010 is a fabric RFID wristband for events and concert. Integrated with RFID chip inside, it can be read / write contactlessly. With personalized ribbon and tag, this type of wristband is very fashion. Typical application: Concert wristband, event wristbands


Main features:

•   15mm x 350 mm,  Thermal transfer ribbon, printed tag

•   Easy for wearing and identifying

•   High performance  RFID chips with programmable memory

•   Logo, number printing available

•   ISO9001 Quality control system

•   Green material with ROHS and SGS certification




Material Tag: PVC,  Ribbon: Satin/ Fabric
Size Tag: 40 x 25 mm, Ribbon: 350 x 15 mm
Antenna Copper coiling
Weight 5 gram
Printing Tag: CMYK full color printing
Ribbon: Thermal transferring
Ribbeon Clip Aluminium tube, Plastic tube slide lock, Bell shaped slide lock, Plastic snap 
Packing 100 pcs/ box, 10 boxes/ ctn
Protocol  IEC14443A, IEC15693, ISO7810
RF features
Frequency 13.56 Mhz/ 125 kHz
Chip 13.56 Mhz: Mifare 1k ( F08), Mifare ultralight, UltralightC,  Ntag213, ICODE SLIX.
125 Khz: EM4100, EM4305, T5577
Memory  As per chip type
Read distance 2- 10 cm
Data retention 10 years
Operating condition  -40 ~ 60 Degree Celsius
Storage condition  -20 ~ 45 Degree Celsius
Others  waterproof
Shelf life  2 years

In transportation and ticketing feild, the traditional payment is by a simple paper ticket that bears some of security features, like florescent ink, security line, latent image, barcode, infra-red ink. Through it can be prevent most of the fake tickets, however hard work load, low identification rate, and relevant unsafe features enforce institutions had to recruit abundant workforce to maintain normally operation, and now everything was changed as RFID technology deeply implanted into this sector.

At most of bus station or subway station, you will not no longer find any paper tickets any more, which replaced them was a simple recharge card or NFC mobile phones. And in recent years, the pace of changing speeds up dramatically.

Thanks to the RFID technology, you do need to wait in line for ticket checking, all just by a simple touch, and you are allowed to get through, and payment will automatically deducted by the RFID readers.

The benefits are not only in its convenience, but also its security. Each RFID card will have a unique ID, which is permanently stored in its ROM, and can not be rewritten. Meanwhile the communication between the RFID card and RFID readers is encrypted. Let’s take oyster card( London metro card) for example, this type of card is embedded with NXP Mifare Desfire chip, which the chip is integrated with the 3DES encryption technology, and still now there is zero case of password being cracked.

This RFID technology also have been applied into certain of big event, such as Olympics, World Expo…

In the future, we will see more and more case of this advanced RFID technology being applied in our normal life, and therefore change our life for ever. 

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