GEE-WB-106 Tamper proof RFID wristband

GEE-WB-106 Tamper proof RFID wristband

silicone rubber,  860- 960 Mhz uhf rfid wristband, 22 mm x 240 mm, H3 chip,1.5- 2 meter read distance, 3 ball lock,  ISO18000-6C & EPC Gen2 protocol 

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GEE-WB-106 is a tamper proof silicone UHF rfid wristband that worked at 860~ 960 Mhz with read distance of 1.5 - 2 meter distance. By deploying 3 ball lock mechanism. this type of  RFID wristband can only be detached by detacher, therefore are normally used in infant anti-theft purpose.


Main features:

•  22 x 240 mm,silicone rubber material

•   Water proof, resistance to up to chemical solvent, acid-base

•   Read distance : 1.5- 2 meter on wrist

•   High performance H3 chip

•   Up to 512 bits user memory for self-programming

•   Logo printing, serial number allowed

•   ISO9001 Quality control system just for quality

•   Green material with ROHS and SGS certification



Material Silicone rubber
Size 22 mm (W) x 240 mm ( L), adjusted length from 145- 215 mm
Thickness 3 mm
Lock 3 ball lock
Weight 13.5  gram
Personalization band color, logo printing
Protocol  ISO18000-6C & EPCglobal Class I Gen 2
RF features  
Frequency 860~ 960 Mhz
Chip H3
User Memory  96 bit EPC, 512 bit user memory
Read distance 1.5 meter under 30 dBm RF output 12 dbi antenna
Rewrite duration 10,000 cycle
Data retention 10 years
Other features  
Environment durability Chemical solvent, deep water, certain pull, shear force
Anti-collision Multiple tags operation allowed
Tamper proof EAS 3 ball lock structure
Operating condition  -30 ~ 60 C
Storage condition  -20 ~ 45 C
Shelf life  3 years at 25 C
ESD  +/ -2000V peak
Water proof IP68

RFID technology, as one of the newly appeared technology in healthy care and medicine industry, has brought dramatical chances in patient indentification and asset management. It also brings safety and easy for doctors, check what benefits that  RFID can  bring to Healthy care and medicine industry?

Patient Safety  

 -  RFID wrist-banding allows for better patient safety at the point-of-care. With one scan one can retrieve

                   -         Medical history 
                   -         Prescribed medications
                   -         Meal / Medicine scheduling

-    Eliminate doctor and nurse negligence in regards to serving patients incorrect medications or foods

-    Allow for surgeons to have the nurses full attention in the operating room as opposed to being occupied by the administrative tasks of counting and tracking surgical equipment

Operating Instruments and Medical Equipment

-    Monitor and trace operating instruments and medical equipment during procedures to insure all materials are accounted for

-    Prevent the retention of surgical instruments, sponges, and towels inside patients being operated on

-    Omit or supplement the manual process of counting the number of surgical instruments, towels, and sponges both pre and post survey

Pharmacy / File / Lab Labeling

-    Prevent misidentifying specimens thus minimizing costly error

-    Add accuracy, safety, and efficiency to prescription processing by using bar code labels

-    Easily track test tubes, vials, blood bags and microscope slides to prevent errors and ensure accuracy

Access Control

-    Streamline card-based access control solutions with durable, highly secure credentials printed on-demand.

-    Monitor and control access to the most restricted parts of medical office including:

               -         Operating Rooms
               -         ER   
               -         Supply closets 
               -         Secure hospital wings

Supply Chain – Logistic

 -     Apply RFID tags at the source to ensure end-to-end traceability :

                -          Medical supplies 
                -          Prescription drugs
                -          Organ transplant transportation 

-      Sort through and store prescription drugs with greater speed and accuracy

-      Accelerate picking time and accuracy with RFID labels, which enable medical staff to locate materials and complete transfer operations faster

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