NFC Tags

NFC Tags

NFC Tags

NFC tags are a type of electronic tiny device that used in identification, access control, media and nfc mobile phone applications.

  • Paper NFC tags >

    Paper NFC tags

    Paper nfc tag is a kind of smart media with nfc chips embedded. It can store URLs, text, SMS, etc., which is frequently used in media, payment occations.

  • On Metal NFC tags >

    On Metal NFC tags

    With a wave-absorbing ferrite layer inside the NFC tag, it can adhere directly to a metal surface with good radio frequency performance

  • Tamper proof nfc tags >

    Tamper proof nfc tags

    Made of brittle paper and ultrathin etched aluminum antenna, this type of tags is mainly for anti-fake purpose in wine industry.

  • FPC NFC tags >

    FPC NFC tags

    PFC NFC tag is a type of tag with high flexibility and high temperature durability, it also provides singal pads for other devcies interaction.

  • Special NFC tags >

    Special NFC tags

    With different forms and chips, these NFC tags can meet requirements of special applications, such as on board identification, dual frequency identification.

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