NFC Cards

NFC Cards

NFC Cards

NFC Card is a type of smart card that worked in 13.56 mhz, with NXP mifare chips embedded, it is widely used in metro, bus card or citizens card or medical card.

  • Plastic NFC cards >

    Plastic NFC cards

    Plastic NFC card is a typical RFID card that comply with ISO14443 protocol. It integrates rfid chip with read distance of 10 cm.

  • Paper NFC cards >

    Paper NFC cards

    Paper NFC cards is a type of nfc cards, integrates NFC chips inside and compliance with ISO14443 protocol. It normally is used as one-journey ticket in metro or bus.

  • LF RFID card >

    LF RFID card

    LF RFID card is a type of proximate cards that worked at frequency of 125 khz, with read distance of 5~ 10 cm. It is frequently used as identification & access control field.

  • CPU / JAVA card >

    CPU / JAVA card

    CPU/ Jave card is a type of high secure chip card, which integrate Card operation system in it, with large memor, high security. Widely used in bank, government.

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