RFID POS is a terminal for retails or inventory management, normally worked at 13.56 mHz, fixed or mobile type. Trough its embedded POS system, it can be easily upload / download data from/ to the server for the purpose of payment or data review.

  • Fixed RFID POS >

    Fixed RFID POS

    Fixed POS terminal is a specialized equipment for retailer in managing items, handling order and processing transactions. Widely used in retails, supermarkets, etc.

  • Mobile RFID POS >

    Mobile RFID POS

    Mobile RFID POS is a type of device for mobile identification and transaction. It is easy for carry and use, and is widely used in retails, logistics, ect.

  • RFID lock >

    RFID lock

    RFID lock is an intelligent device that deploy RFID technology for lock and unlock purpose. Wireless and safe, this device is widely used in Sauna, hotel, school, etc.

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